add whatever you want and mix


As 2015 comes to a close, I reflect on the past year of interior design and look forward to the excitement that 2016 brings.  I loved what 2015 brought to the interior design table.  What was sort of old was new again!  Just like fashion continued to make its rounds, great trends from the 80’s came back in full plush style.  The sectional made its way back into our hearts, and why not?  Covered in a beautiful and durable fabric, the sectional could house the entire family and then some for movie night or football Sunday.  In this day and age of the tiny tablet or laptop, you could also find your spot on the cozy sectional and get to work.  The last time that sectionals were in our homes, our computers took up an entire room, and the boom box we were carrying around, kept running out of batteries.  

Two other great trends of 2015 circa 1987 were rich color and gold metals.  The indigo and turquoise blues were the most popular, and gold metal was on everything from light fixtures and cabinet hardware to the kitchen sink; literally.  It was a great year of design and also a wonderful year of transition.  Gone were the defining trends of a home decorated “one” way.  Instead of being historically accurate to a design style, the idea of layering came into play.  It was time to let go of all things English or all things French, and let that Mid Century goodness in the door!  It was so much fun to pair that exquisite Louis XV table with Eero Saarinen Tulip chairs, or place a completely abstract and reckless painting over a Chippendale chest of drawers.  While unexpected, the opposing design elements highlighted each other’s best qualities.  Win win for all!

This mixing trend continues into 2016 and the oxymoron of luxury and simplicity continues to be at play.  I’m going to call it “simply plush”.  By this I mean that it’s quality, not quantity, and it’s about the authentic pleasing of the senses, not just because the guy at the antique store told you that the King of England sat in it.  Design in 2016 is all about what you love, not what your neighbor or grandmother loves.  It’s about what you love to look at, to sit in, to lay on, and to cuddle up with; unapologetically.  It’s more than ok to mix and match colors, textures, and genres; in fact, it’s encouraged.

So go on!  Mix, match, break the rules.  Have some fun with it, and trust yourself.  After all, it’s for your comfort and delight.

Here’s to interesting interiors in 2016!

Love your space,